My son showing me no respect

The Four Day Work Week

And so begins my new life as a one-day-a-week stay-at-home Dad. Monday to Thursday I’m Edward Lamb, multimedia designer extraordinaire. But on Fridays I’m just plane old Dad (not that William can talk yet, but if he did that’s what I hope he’d call me). The first week hasn’t really… 

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Legacy is a very trendy word a the moment. How can we capitalise on the legacy of the Games? What will the legacy of the Games be? Oh, and The Bourne Leagacy is out pretty soon too, so I’m told. I fell for the Olympics hook, line and sinker. Daytime… 

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  • Edward Lamb on the mer de glace
  • A photo from Mer de Glace glacier, French Alps
  • A photo from a meltwater channel in the Mer de Glace glacier, French Alps

How to Deal with Disappointment

Two years. Two years I’d waited for another shot at scaling Western Europe’s highest summit. When the first words from the mouth of our mountain guide’s mouth were, “Guys, Mont Blanc is a no-go”, you could actually pin point the second when my heart ripped in half. I should have seen… 

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Nokia 7110

My First Mobile

Ah, the mobile phone. It’s difficult to remember a time before it. How did we find our way around? What did I do with all of those spare minutes during a not-so-busy day? And what did I keep in my right hand pocket for all of those years? Since the… 

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  • william


[hidestuff][/hidestuff] I like to start the year off with a new desktop wallpaper. It’s a tradition of mine that dates all the way back to 2010. The central theme of this years’ should be fairly obvious from the above image. Two weeks ago, in the early hours of Thursday 22nd… 

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Do Lectures

Every now and again you find something on the web that makes you think ‘why the hell haven’t I come across this before?’ The Do Lectures are a perfect examples of this. I stumbled across my first lecture earlier this week when my latest hero, Craig Mod, posted a link… 

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