• Edward Lamb on the mer de glace
  • A photo from Mer de Glace glacier, French Alps
  • A photo from a meltwater channel in the Mer de Glace glacier, French Alps

How to Deal with Disappointment

Two years. Two years I’d waited for another shot at scaling Western Europe’s highest summit. When the first words from the mouth of our mountain guide’s mouth were, “Guys, Mont Blanc is a no-go”, you could actually pin point the second when my heart ripped in half. I should have seen… 

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A Week in the Alps (part 4)

Sunday 20th June 2010 The day had almost arrived. The plan remained to attempt the summit of Mont Blanc, Western Europe’s highest peak, tomorrow. First up we had to reach the Tête Rousse hut which sits nervously on the edge of the Mont Blanc massif at 3167m. After a restless… 

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A Week in the Alps (part 3)

Day 3. Saturday 19th June 2010. A good nights sleep does wonders for the soul. England had drawn against Algeria the night before (luckily we weren’t able to see it as it wasn’t on free-to-air TV in France) but I couldn’t have cared less. Today was all about acclimatisation. After… 

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A Week in the Alps (part 2)

Day 2. Friday 18th June 2010. I awoke before my alarm, which is always annoying. The sound of my fellow climbers shuffling about in the dorm was too annoying to ignore (plus, I didn’t want to look lazy) so I jumped down from my bunk, pulled on my head torch… 

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A Week in the Alps (part 1)

I awoke on the morning of Wednesday 16th June in Islington, London. The previous night I had travelled from Liverpool by train to stay the night with my climbing partner and long-time friend, Mr Robert Bence. The travelling had only just begun. From Rob’s home we jumped the tube to… 

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Photos/videos from my trip

I finally got round to uploading photos/videos from my time in the Alps yesterday. Here is a selection of my favourites. To view the complete set please visit my Flickr gallery and my YouTube channel.

A Mountain Missed

So, as you may or may not have heard, my goal of reaching the summit of Mont Blanc was not achieved. I returned on Wednesday from one of the most incredible weeks of my life. A week in the Alps does wonders for the body and mind. Despite missing out… 

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BBC Radio Merseyside, Sunday 6th June 2010

On Sunday June 6th 2010 I was a guest on the Roger Lyon Show on BBC Radio Merseyside. It was surprisingly good fun, though I never realised I talked with such a strong scouse accent (not that there’s anything wrong with that!). Anyway, here it is. Enjoy: [audio:http://www.dupecreative.com/amountaintoclimb/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/Ed_Lamb_BBCRadioMerseyside060610.mp3|titles=Ed Lamb on… 

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Snowdon Day 3

Last Wednesday I awoke bright and early for my third successive stroll up Snowdon. ‘Bright’ isn’t quite true, actually. I’d had a restless nights sleep and, when alarm sounded at 6.30am, my legs were not really in the mood for another 5-6 hours of steep, rocky walking. Still, after a… 

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Snowdon Day 2

I awoke bright and breezy on Tuesday morning, ready for another walk up Snowdon. This time my climbing buddies were my able-bodied brother and sister. Thanks to both of them for the company (and for making me look so fit and healthy as I left them for dust!). Bad weather… 

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