EDAL Racing

I need a new business card. My new title: Edward Lamb, Racing Driver.

A month or so before Christmas my good pal Alan approached me a interesting idea. He’d been informed that there was a karting track just a few miles from our homes and that they encouraged independent teams/drivers to enter their monthly indy races. Alan then went on to suggest that we start up a karting team of our own. Sounded good to me.

Three months on and we’re knee deep in the world of amateur karting. We bought ourselves a 115cc TKM direct drive kart with a bit of help from our awesome friends at the Wirral Tandoori (official team sponsors – who needs Red Bull??!!).

To say that it’s been a steep learning curve is a bit of an understatement. The kart has no starter so needs push starting. The engine is a powerful but delicate thing that requires a LOT of TLC. I’ve learned more about mechanical engineering in 3 months than I did in my previous 31 years.

Our first four sessions at the track were pretty dreadful. Alan span four times in two laps initially. We had a ‘rear wheel failure’ next when we forgot to tighten the nuts before heading out. Tyre pressures were too low. Brakes ineffective. Too much oversteer. Too much understeer!

Then, finally, last weekend, we found the sweet spot and it all felt worthwhile. Karting is WAY too much fun. Follow our journey at the EDAL Racing website.

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