Legacy is a very trendy word a the moment.

How can we capitalise on the legacy of the Games? What will the legacy of the Games be? Oh, and The Bourne Leagacy is out pretty soon too, so I’m told.

I fell for the Olympics hook, line and sinker. Daytime TV hasn’t been this good since the summer holiday days of Saved by the  Bell, California Dreaming and Eerie Indiana I’m a pretty big sports fan, Formula 1 and football being top of the tree, but I’ll watch pretty much anything where two or more healthy human beings battle it out physically and/or mentally.

The best thing for me? Aside from Mo, that clay-pigeon guy and the chubby Dad, one of my favourite aspects was the transformation of our news broadcasters.  Bad news was waaaaaaay down the pecking order for TWO WHOLE WEEKS. Instead, our journalists almost exclusively focussed on the pursuits of dedicated pro, semi-pro and amateur athletes.

The national mood DID lift. Don’t try and deny it. Everyone but Peter Hitchens seemed on the crest of a wave – a wave kickstarted by Danny Boyle (I still say that Sunshine is his best film). So why not that as a legacy? Let’s kick the bad news for the sake of it. Bad things happen, but why focus on them? Sure, if a murder case needs to be highlight then highlight it for the right reasons (ie. ‘We’re short on clues, did anyone see this fella lurking suspiciously on the night of the attack?’)

The trouble with the legacy seems to be that we’re all leaving it to someone else. I’m reliant on some suit at the BBC to make a bold step in the progression of news output. How can the GOVERNMENT capitalise on the national euphoria? How will my local SCHOOL encourage our children to take up a competitive sport?

The truth is, legacy is down to YOU. What will your legacy be?

PS. Here’s a great post by Sevenstreets detailing local sports clubs in Merseyside. I’m going to have a go at rowing.


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