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My Secret Life as a Therapist

Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been bleating on about a strange thing of late. “What’s all of the ‘@LITPNOW lark?”, I hear you cry?

I’ve been working with Sean and Rie Orford for a good few years now. Sean is a hugely experienced psychotherapist and author and, in 2009, he was running a course for some of his clients called ’10 Steps to Change your Life, Forever’. I was invited to attend the course to get a feel for it, with a view to completing some branding and further design for it.

Well, three years on and we’re almost there. Tonight (Friday 31st August 2012) we’re launching our first product at Waterstones, Liverpool ONE.

The ’10 Steps’ course was renamed ‘Live in the Present‘. This is also the name of our company and the book that we’ve been working on for nigh on two years. Pretty simple, no? Essentially, we see ourselves as a publishing company, but our ‘tagline’ is a little more grand:

Live in the Present: An Education Organisation Built for the 21st Century

Nice, hey?

Publishing then. Books ‘n that. Books, books, books. It’s an interesting time to be involved in publishing. Books have come a long way in the past 4 or 5 years. You want to be a published author? I could have your book in the Kindle store within 12 hours – just send me your Word file. Easy.

No! Editing, proofing, designing for various formats, organising print, editing and then editing some more (just ask my mum). And all of that comes before the really hard part – the marketing.

I’ve tried to design a book with a bit of character. There are photos littered throughout, nicely set quotes and chapter headings – all attempt to engage the reader and leave an impression. The print version was straightforward enough to set up. InDesign, Ilustrator, yada, yada, yadda. It’s then easy enough to convert this to a PDF. Creating .mobi and .ePub versions to be read on Kindle, iPad, et al are trickier than you might think (especially as I wanted to include as much of the imagery as possible too).

After months of work we’re ready to go. If you are in Merseyside then please do head down to Waterstones tonight where Sean and myself will be talking at greater length about the book and what we hope to achieve, and what makes this ‘more than just a book’.

So, months of work and now the real challenge begins. Convincing the world to join us. Does anyone know much about affiliate marketing? ……..


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